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Someone call us IT market disruptors, we call ourselves IT pioneers. It’s on you to judge!

Abakus Web

is a managed cloud platform for website maintenance and private cloud hosting.

We help a wide range of businesses all over the world to keep their websites updated with the latest content while hosting them on the privately managed cloud platform. Transforming unpredictable business costs to a single fixed monthly price.

Great, but that doesn’t sound like pioneering!?

Well, check out our pricing. Before you do, learn more about us.

AbakusWeb is based in one of the safest Europe’s tax havens, the beautiful country of Montenegro. We are essentially exploiting favorable tax regimes to offer cutting edge IT service to UK, USA and EU markets.

Abakus Web Managed Cloud - Website maintenance & hosting solutions
Website maintenance service - - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Website maintenance includes

  • Website content updates – all sorts, from edits of existing content to adding new pages.
  • Website news/blog updates – keeping your clients always updated.
  • Websites’ social media updates – ensuring your new posts are shared with your clients.
  • Website upgrade – empowering your website with the content management system.
  • Website speed optimization – keeping your website loading fast all the time.
  • Updating code and core updates – ensuring the website satisfy industry standards set by Google.
  • Theme and plugin updates – keeping the website safe from hackers.
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring – ensuring your website is always online.
  • Backups – keeping your data safe and secure
Outsource website work and save money - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Website maintenance packages biggest benefits to business owners

  • Optimizing company budget – making sure your website costs are always fixed and predictable in the long run with our 12-month plans.
  • 1000% more cost-effective than employing a dedicated member of staff
  • 500% more cost-effective than one-off IT jobs for one year
  • 300% more affordable than hiring freelancers – and you thought freelancers are affordable!
Managed Cloud Hosting - - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Privately managed cloud hosting features

  • Managed hosting performance
  • Unlimited performance usage
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL certificate included
  • Industry-standard panel
  • Industry-standard protection
  • Managed by in house IT technicians
  • The wide private network of servers all around the world

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Changing the IT service industry together – Empowering cutting-edge cloud technology managed by humans.