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Make Your Website Work Harder For Your Business

Improve your website by:

  • Keeping it FRESH 
  • Keeping it SAFE 
  • Improving its SPEED
  • Making it AFFORDABLE 

COVID-19 donation for your business

AbakusWeb is donating a complete website (re)design and development for your company. Learn how you can get the donation package and what are the terms.

You’re already working hard enough so let’s make your website do more of the heavy lifting!

We can improve your website by:

Website content updates - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Keeping it FRESH

with new content (including the most relevant key words for search engines).

Website protection & security - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Keeping it SAFE

with the latest code updates (Cyber threats are growing…)

Website speed optimization - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Improving its SPEED

using managed cloud hosting (visitors will leave afrer 3 seconds)

Because we are a distributed team without central overheads our packages are more affordable than you might think.

Outsorucing long term website maintenance SAVES YOU MORE than just money…

Keeping your website up to date regularly is a necessary but time consuming task while running a business. You know that you’ll attract more business if you keep it up to date but there always seems to be a higher priority. You also know it’s not a great use of your personal time. You should be talking to current and potential clients rather than tinkering around in the back end of your content management software.

Long Term website maintenance packages are here for you, your website and your company’s optimal budget.

Outsource website work and save time - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

As a business owner you value YOUR TIME above anything – imagine if you:

  • Never had to search for another IT support team again
  • Stopped wasting time on negotiations for one-off jobs
  • Didn’t have to keepchanging passwrodsd and access codes after sharing them with multiple contractors
High security website cloud hosting - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Security Is Vital To You

SMEs like yours are coming under increasing threat from cyber attack. Abakus are specialists in cyber security so, whether you choose our Cyber Security Help solution or not, any work done for you will be actioned under our own strict security standards as well as being covered by the usual commercial confidentaliality.

Outsource website work and save money - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Your Budget Is Limited

Let’s be real, you have lots of competing demands for your IT budget. So you need a cost effective partner as well as a technically competent, reliable and trustworthy one. That’s why there are 3 levels of investment starting at just £79 a month.

COVID-19 donation package

Take a look at our 3 packages which include:

So you will cover 3 different, variable and nonpredictive costs into a low single fixed price.

Take a look at the packages we offer then contact us for an initial discussion. Tell us about your specific needs and let’s decide which bundle of services works best for where your business is right now.

Let us compare website maintenance packages to something more common in the business world.

Save money with website packages - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions
  • Long term website maintenance is 1000% more cost-effective than employing a dedicated member of staff.
  • Long term website maintenance is 500% more affordable than one-off IT jobs during the span of one year.
  • Long term website maintenance is 300% more affordable than hiring freelancers – and you thought freelancers are affordable!

What Our Clients Say

Graham Rowan Testimonial - - Abakus Web website maintenance & hosting solutions

Graham Rowan

Chairman, Opulent Global, Elite Investor Club and Respects Bereavement Services.

Chairman, Opulent Global, Elite Investor Club and Respects Bereavement Services.

“I have worked with Nikola and the Abakus Web team for almost two years and have been amazed at their range of knowledge and their speed of delivery. It’s fair to say that they’ve answered every question and solved every problem that I’ve thrown their way. It leaves me able to focus on the customer facing work knowing that my ‘virtual back office’ can deal with all the techie stuff. Their cost is reasonable and their service outstanding. I now use their services across nine companies in three sectors – real estate, alternative investments and bereavement services.”

If you have more than 5 websites, contact us for a custom quote.

Websites that use our services

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
Paul Cookson

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Abakus Web is a managed cloud platform for website maintenance and private cloud hosting for businesses in the UK, USA, and EU markets.

It is operated by a distributed team of IT professionals without central overheads.

Abakus Web team is in charge of updating the content and maintenance of client website/s while hosting them on secure and fast cloud hosting managed by IT experts.

Complete list of services covered by Abakus Web platform: website content updates, website news/blog updates, websites’ social media updates, website upgrade to the content management system (CMS), website speed optimization, updating code and core updates, updating themes and plugins, 24/uptime monitoring, backups, website migration to our managed cloud hosting, cloud hosting managed by IT experts, SSL certificate, SSL certificate installation.

The minimum commitment period is 12 months with options to pay monthly or annually.

Yes – we need to test if we are the right fit for your company. We offer a 30 day trial period with a full refund guarantee if not satisfied.

Read all our frequently asked questions so you can create clear vision how we can make your business easier.